Training for Trainers

Teaching your colleagues is the best way to maintain your knowledge and stay in touch with the problems they are facing in their everyday work.


  • Training the trainers in order to improve in-house awareness of information security
  • Building in-house competencies to strengthen the cybersecurity maturity of the organisation


  • Teaching methods
    • Increasing awareness without imposing guilt
    • Highlighting the ROI (return on investment) of security
    • Using everyday examples
    • Organising situation-staging / Role-playing
    • Adapting courses to the maturity level of their target audience
  • Educational tools
    • How to create a good password
    • How to manage passwords
    • How to test a url
    • How to make your browser safe
    • How to configure a Facebook account and an e-mail account
    • How to encrypt data
    • How to keep mobile interfaces safe
    • How to keep your Wi-Fi connection safe
    • How to set up a coherent security strategy
    • Introduction to risk analysis

TARGET : IT Personnel, trainers, etc.

DURATION: One-day training course delivered by a security expert

Information requests and bookings at C3 or via E-Mail