SOS – One of my Colleagues Knows my Password!

In Brief

A password is used to authenticate a person and to grant them access to the resources which they have a right to access. Passwords are strictly private. If someone else knows your password, they could commit offences under your identity.

On top of this, operations carried out by a user may be recorded (they must be recorded under certain circumstances as detailed by the CNPD), and the user may be held responsible for their actions.

If another user knows your password, proceed as follows:

  • Change the subject of your dialogue. It can be changed easily with little effort.
  • Change your password and write it on a piece of paper, putting it in a sealed envelope and place it in a safe deposit box. The opening of this envelope and the use of your password must be authorised by a supervisor and be carefully documented.
  • Once you return, change your password and deposit a copy under seal in the safe.

If a user has procured your password illegally, report this security incident to the person responsible for IT systems security (CISO), and change your password.

Sectoral policy on access control

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